Delivery Info


After your order has been received, it will be delivered to you via your chosen delivery option.

  1. Delivery on board

You can pre-order products from the airBalticShop on all OUTBOUND flights from RIGA AIRPORT. You can pre-order products from the airBalticShop on HOMEBOUND flights to RIGA AIRPORT, EXCEPT on the following homebound flights: Turku(1360), Vaasa(1358), Tel-aviv (774), Baku (733), Simferopol (453), Kaliningrad (429), Odesa (411), Lapenranta (388), Tampere (358), Vilnus (354), Tallin (316,318), Helsinki (328,330), Stavenger (178), Alesund (176), Bergen (172), Kaunas 042, Palanga (032).

The products can be delivered only to the board of the specific flight indicated as follows. You shall use passenger name and surname, flight number, departure date and, preferably, booking reference, in case if the name was spelled incorrectly. You can find the information on the travel document/booking confirmation that has been received from travel agency/travel organizer. 

Your order must be received by us no later than 48 hours before your departure date. 

The roses and cakes can be ordered only on OUTBOUND flights from RIGA AIRPORT. 

The delivery on board is free of charge.

  1.  Delivery at airBaltic Riga Airport ticket office

You can order products with a delivery at airBaltic Riga Airport ticket office up to 24 hours prior to the pick-up of the product/-s. 

The ordered products can be obtained on your selected date, 24 hours after the confirmation of your order on airBalticShop, from 9.00 to 23.00 at airBaltic Riga Airport ticket office. 

In order to obtain purchased items at the ticket office, you must show an identification card and sign a delivery note, given to you by ticket office agents.

The delivery at airBaltic Riga Airport ticket office is free of charge.

  1. Delivery at doors

The delivery costs depend on the size, weight and dimensions of ordered products, as well as the delivery country, time and delivery service provider (Latvijas Pasts).

Once you have paid the delivery costs on airBalticShop when you purchase an item, there will be no additional delivery costs.

The purchased items will be sent to the ordered transport company (Latvijas Pasts) within 24 hours after the order has been received by Airo Catering Services Latvija.

  1. Delivery via Latvijas Pasts

For terms and conditions, please contact Latvijas Pasts: +371 67008001 or

If you are not present at the address when Latvijas Pasts delivers you the purchase, Latvijas Pasts will leave a call to pick up the purchase at post-office.

The exact delivery price for the ordered products will be available to you at the ‘Checkout’.


 Delivery days

UA Emirates  4-6
 Argentina  6-8
 Armenia  4-6
 U.S.  6-8
 Australia  7-13
 Austria  3-4
 Azerbaijan  4-6
 Belarus  4-7
 Belgium  4-5
 Brazil  6-8
 Bulgaria  4-6
 Czech Republic  4-5
 Denmark  4-5
 France  4-5
 Greece  4-6
 Georgia  5-7
 Hong Kong  5-8
 Croatia  4-6
 India  6-10
 Italy  4-7
 Israel  4-6
 Japan  5-7
 New Zealand  5-8
 Canada  6-9
 Kazakhstan  6-9
 Cyprus  4-6
 Kyrgyzstan  6-9
 Russia  4-9
 China  7-10
 Great Britain  6-8
 Macedonia  5-7
 Malaysia  6-8
 Malta  4-6
 Mexico  6-9
 Moldova  5-7
 Netherlands  4-5
 Norway  4-7
 Poland  4-5
 Portugal  4-6
 Romania  4-6
 Singapore  5-7
 Slovakia  4-6
 Slovenia  4-6
 Finland  4-7
 Spain  4-6
 Switzerland  4-5
 Tajikistan  6-8
 Thailand  5-12
 Turkey  5-8
 Turkmenistan  5-8
 Ukraine  5-7
 Hungary  4-6
 Uzbekistan  7-11
 Germany  4-5
 Sweden  4-5
 Ireland  5-7